5 Reasons To Call A Tree Professional

Trees are a wonderful gift from nature. They have many benefits and make the earth a better place to live for all living creatures. The other good thing about most of the trees is that they do not always require professionals to treat them. Homeowners can take care of trees by themselves easily and conveniently. 

However, this is not always the case. Following are the 5 dangerous tree situations that may require professional help.

Pest Infestation

Insects not only eat trees and shrubs but also transmit several diseases to them. The factors that make a tree prone to pest infestation can be numerous. They may include poor nutrition, improper pruning, and unsuitable environmental factors. An important thing to consider is that fungi can still destroy your tree, even though the insects seem to have left the scene. 

Therefore, it is important to seek professional help in such cases. A professional arborist will not only identify the threat but will also eliminate it till its root cause. 

If a Tree is Planted Based On Poor Planning

In many cases, the roots of the trees can grow in a way that is beyond expectations. That is why it is always advised to plant a tree after thorough planning. If a tree has been planted without the requisite thought process, it might have the potential to damage the foundation of your structure. 

Similarly, such trees can cause many other problems like damage to windows and roofs. They may also block your favorite view or may cause damage to different services carrying wires and pipelines.

In all the above-mentioned cases it is best to seek help from a certified arborist. The reason is that in many cases you might not have to cut down your tree entirely. 

In Emergency Situations

A tree may be damaged due to unforeseen situations. For example, in the case of a thunderstorm or a rainstorm. In such situations, a part of the tree may be damaged. 

To make sure that the damaged part is safely removed, and the tree is properly inspected. Services of a certified arborist are essential.

If A Tree Shows Following Signs

If one fine morning you observe that your tree is shedding more leaves than it used to. Or you may find its bark developing cracks and holes. There might be instances when a part of the tree starts decolorizing.

All these signs are extremely dangerous. They indicate the ailing health of a tree. In such a case call your arborist asap.

In Case The Tree Is Dead

This is the saddest part of life. All living beings must go one day. There is nothing immortal. Similar is the case of the trees. They might have much longer lives than humans but still, they have to leave us one day.

In case you see that a tree is dead and has already dried up. Call a professional to have it removed safely. If you don’t remove it yourself it might fall accidentally and may cause damage to property, humans, pets, and services carriers. 

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