5 Reasons To Love Trees

Trees are an unmatched treasure that offers numerous benefits to humans and nature. Though trees come in different colors and sizes, all of them have the same brilliant benefits. Regardless of the species, here are the top 5 reasons, why you should love trees.

Trees Purify Environment

Trees act as the source of oxygen for all living beings. Without trees, no living creature (except a few bacteria) can survive on earth. Trees through the process known as photosynthesis, absorb carbon dioxide from the environment and in return release oxygen. 

Trees are also responsible for removing several pollutants from the environment using their leaves. These micropollutants are responsible for causing cardiovascular, cancer, and skin-related diseases in humans. Hence, trees play a significant role to promote a healthier life for humans.

Promote Life

Trees are a source of life not only because they give us oxygen. When trees are planted in an area, they attract different birds and animals. Trees offer these creatures shelter and food. 

Trees are a source of premium quality food for humans, birds, and animals. These include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and edible oil. 

Trees are also responsible for increasing the growth diversity of an area. When trees are planted, they help other plants to grow as well, which otherwise cannot. 

Make Earth A Beautiful Place To Live

Without trees, nature is incomplete. Not only trees make the environment suitable to live in. They add much more beauty to it. Trees add different colors to our planet. Whenever we think about a particular season, a typical color of trees comes to our minds.  

If it were not for the American Elm, New York’s Central Park would never have been that famous. It is Socotra Dragon Tree that has filled charm in the Socotra archipelago. The Blue Jacaranda mesmerizes anyone that looks at its blossoming branches. And the list can go on and on.

Trees Give A Boost To Your Property’s Value

Trees make a property much more attractive. That is why a property that has properly positioned and mature trees sell faster and at a better price.

A properly positioned tree has many benefits for homeowners. They offer shade, help in windbreaking, reduce the temperature, and offer privacy. 

Trees Give us Wood

Trees are the only source of wood on this planet. Without wood, our lives would not have been as comfortable as they are now. The chair you are sitting on, the desk in front of you, the bed in your bedroom, and the cabinets in your kitchen are probably all made of wood.

Wood is not only a great material to make furniture. It is also an exceptional construction material. For many years wood has been used to make complete homes and buildings. Due to its thermal, electrical, acoustic, mechanical, and many other properties wood has a preference over many other materials.

Some of the examples of most impressive wooden architecture include the Globe of Science and Innovation (wood science museum at CERN), and Jackson Hole Airport (Airport Yellowstone Park).

In and around Alpharetta are many different variety of trees. We hope to earn your business as the premier tree service professional in and around the city.

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