5 Top Beaches On Lanier Lake Near Alpharetta

If you are looking for a good swimming hole in Alpharetta we at Certified Arborist Alpharetta have put together a list of the top 5 beaches near Good Ol Alpharetta. We see quite a few beaches on a regular basis because of our tree service work and we thought this would be a great article to send out to our Alpharettaians!  Lake Lanier has all 5 of these top beaches. 

  1. Lake Lanier Park Beach- On the south end of Lake Lanier is a beach that is clean, beautiful, and sandy. This beach has pretty white sand, and comes equipped with a bath house.  The one thing that we must mention about the bath house is that you have to walk on a decent hill to get to it. It isn’t right by the water or anything, but very clean. If you want a relaxing trip to the beach along with a State Park that has all the hiking you can handle give this one a go. Waves are mostly small. The crowd is usually quite small as well. 
  1. Buford Dam Beach- Again this is on the south side of Lake Lanier. This is a very family friendly fun in the sun type beach. A couple reasons for this. One it again is very well maintained. Also, it has a picnic area, a volleyball court, and even a small playground. Your kids could play all day here with a little bit of planning and you probably won’t hear them ask for the ipad one time, well maybe once but you get the point. 
  1. Lanier Island Beach and Water Park- The first couple things you need to know about this beach is that its not free and it’s not just a beach. It is a waterpark and beach all pack up into a nice package. Last we checked it was a bit on the pricey side. You will pay about $15 for parking, and then again to get into the park. Last we checked prices were as follows $35 for kids and $45 for adults  . Most people including us feel it is worth the value of a day to pay and play. It is pet friendly, so your little family member won’t have any issues. Also They have everything in this park from clean pool swimming to lake swimming, slides, shuttles, and fine sand. The way this park is set up it has a cove beach. In the beach water there are many water inflatables to play one and climb on. Then near the beach there are several shallow swimming pools with spouts, sprays, and mushroom fountains. Also has food attractions and shops to go to. That is why this made the list, it isn’t just a beach and like we said has a price tag but make a full day of it and have a good time.
  1. Frog Beach- This is one we added for fun. It is on an island in the middle of the lake. We have never been there but that is why we put it on the list. Its mysterious and that is intriguing to us. Please if you go here put a comment down below. We would love to hear from you on how it was with some pictures. 
  1. Mary Alice Beach Park-  This beauty is one of the top rated beaches on Lake Lanier. They have many amenities. Picnic, charcoal bbq grills, swimming, white sand, and bathrooms. They do a good job at keeping it clean. Cost is low at $5. The only negative is that it is pretty rocky when entering the water. Toddlers would have a hard time with the sharp rocks below however its not a deal breaker. Still pretty blue clear water and not too many people. 

We are often out and about doing tree service and notice places such as the ones mentioned here. They are all a quick drive from Alpharetta and all are fabulous places depending on what you are looking for. Thanks for reading and if you ever need tree service around the Alpharetta area, please keep Certified Arborist Alpharetta in mind. TY.

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