If you like to walk or hike like we do you want to know the best places around to get the job done. We love our beautiful scenery in and around Alpharetta. Its always nice to go on a brisk walk. The 4 places below are very nice especially if you like the nature scenery. We strive to go to these places at least once per week. Here are the 4 listed and some facts and pictures on each one. 

Big Creek Greenway 3785 Webb Bridge Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30022- This hiking and biking area is well known to the locals. It is very well maintained and has large pathways. Mostly flat areas. Not many difficult or steep hills. The scenery is serene. Has many areas of hiking near waterways and ponds. Many people spot deer munching away here at this location. It is not uncommon for this trail to get a little crowded on the weekends when everyone is out and about. Even during the crowded times of day it will still be a fabulous place to walk. If you have toddlers in the area you will want to keep a close eye on them because there are alot of bicycles, especially during peak times. There are a couple entrances, but there is also a map at each one so you know where you are going. 

Green Walk Trail Alpharetta, GA- As the name suggests this is another hiking trail that can bring you a little closer to nature. This place is currently ranking at a 4.8 on Google and doesn’t have near as many reviews as Big Creek Greenway listed above. It is less known but still very well maintained. It is an extraordinary hiking path that is paved and has plenty of shade to relax under. 

Webb Bridge Park 4780 Webb Bridge Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30005- This 1 mile path seems to be the king of the area. It has it all including streams, ponds, wooded areas, nature, resting, and bikes are not allowed. If you want to do some walking, or jogging this is an excellent choice. Check out the little waterfall stream in the picture. You kind of feel like you escape all the hassles of life for just a little bit when your here. Also, you can feel a little safer about your pets and toddlers running around here because cycling isn’t allowed. You don’t have to worry about a bike flying by crashing into a child or animal. You can see snakes (rarely though), turtles, ducks, geese, deer, and other little creatures. It is very well kept and clean as can be. The city of Alpharetta does a phenomenal job with this park. It is a must see if you plan on taking a walk in Alpharetta. 

Haynes Bridge Greenway 900 Jameson Pass Alpharetta, Ga- If you are a biker and want a good place to bike here it is. This seems to be the go to biking area and it is right in downtown Alpharetta. It has tons of parking and multiple restroom facilities. Miles and miles of biking paths that are paved and different aspects of nature including streams, creeks, and ponds. You can also walk here and the bike to hike ratio isn’t bad. The bikers always feel like they have room as well as the hikers. It is an absolute gem in Alpharetta. 

Mcfarland Parkway Trailhead 1604 McFarland Pkwy Alpharetta, Ga- This is another park that you can bike and hike on. It is loved for the most part. One thing that stood out is that people seemed to say watch out for the bridge when it gets wet it is extremely slick. Also there are some damages that are being worked on and off at this park so you may not get the full experience when you are there because of blocked areas. By the time you read this though it may be all fixed up. Also, there are some parts of this park that are so far away from roads and such thick greenery that you feel like you aren’t close to the city at all. Such a relaxing environment!  

All in all this is only 5 of the best places to bike or hike in Alpharetta. There are a few more in the area that almost made the list. We have included an address on each of these for easy navigation!