Here is one of our handy pieces of equipment. We use this for large logs or heavy hauls. It helps us complete the tree service jobs easier and much more efficiently.

This monster is one of our service truck cranes. It helps us to lift up large cuts especially in tight spaces or areas where we can not drop large pieces. This is a must have for bigger jobs. Not all tree service companies have this type of equipment at their disposal. We have it to help satisfy our great customers as always.

Just another snapshot of these removal job we did in Milton. It was an excellent removal. Everything went smooth as it usually does when you plan and practice like our crew does everyday.

This is one of the many tall trees we work on. This one had large limbs on it before we took them all down. As you can see in the picture our worker is dragging those limbs to the truck to be turned into mulch. This picture just gives you an idea of how big these jobs really are.

We always have a good time doing the work we do. We want customer satisfaction and a friendly work environment. As you can see he is really high in the tree but he has safety precautions in place to keep him from falling. In just a short time this big tree will be gone.