We are a very diverse tree service company in Alpharetta. One of the main things that set us apart would be that we are arborists that have the certification and schooling to back up the knowledge. Because we took the schooling and have successfully completed all classes related to the field we are certified by the ISA. Many tree service companies that are currently in the field learned the trade through trial and error, or from a friend or relative. Every tree service professional goes through a period where they are learning the ropes so to speak. Classroom education only goes so far, but it is also very beneficial. We had to learn well rounded subject pertaining to arbor.

Some of those subjects are life cycles, disease, seasons and how they relate to trees. Why trees die. They type of trees in special environments, infestations, how tree diseases can effect large amounts of trees, how the environment reacts to superficial changes, etc. Trust us when we say we have a well rounded and diverse knowledge of trees.

We also provide the classic services. Our block of services include but are not limited to

  • Tree Trimming- We go in and trim off all the dead or dying branches. One of the main reasons for this is that it makes a safer tree because we can get to the branches before they fall. It is also aesthetically pleasing. 
  • Tree Removal- If you want a tree completely removed we can do this. We have a magic potion that we toss on the tree and instantly it turns into a pile of sawdust which we promptly shovel into the back of a dump truck. LOL Not really we like to joke around a bit too. Really it’s hard labor coupled with experience and planning that gets a tree safely removed. 
  • Tree Pruning- Similar to tree trimming. We go in and remove limbs and branches accordingly. 
  • Tree Thinning- This is a bit different. We are making the tree thinner for a few reasons. Some examples are air flow, shade, greener grass, or other plants that need more sunlight. 
  • Tree Topping- This is something that we don’t do very often. In very limited circumstances we will top the tree. That means cutting of a top portion of the tree. We are careful when doing this because you can stunt the tree, or kill it all together, but in any case the life of the tree decreases with this service. 
  • The Tree Ecosystem- Again we are certified arborists. 
  • The varieties and how they relate to infrastructure- We understand what type of trees are best for the purpose they are intended for. Some examples are water travel, shade, wind protection and movement. 
  • Bush Removal- This is a task we can complete fairly quickly. Trees are similar to shrubs and bushes, or vice versa. Some bushes are actually considered trees. Either way we can get rid of them by removing them. 
  • Brush Removal- People come to us to clear some brush. Husbands of the world keep telling the wife they will “get to it” well they never do and the wife ends up calling us while the husband is at work. That honey do list just got a little bit better but she isn’t happy about it. 
  • Lot Clearing- Many developers call us to get an estimate on clearing the land in order to develop it. 
  • Forestry- We understand the ecosystem of forestry especially when it relates to the trees. If you need a consultation please call us.