Top 10 Trees To Plant In Georgia

You all know we offer solid tree service in Georgia. Specifically in Alpharetta, but did you know we give other tree advice as well. In this blog post you will find the top 10 trees to plant in Georgia and what to expect. So let’s get right into it. 

  1. Baldcypress- This tree is a large beautiful green leaf tree that is deciduous. They have a nickname called the swamp cypress. What is so interesting about this tree is that it can keep its needle like leaves throughout the entire year. So, even in cold season you won’t have to do much with the rake. Very nice!
  2. Maple Tree- This tree changes colors as the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler. Eventually the leaves fall on the ground which can be looked at as work or fun. The kids have the fun when the leaves are raked in a pile to jump in. 
  3. Sweetgum Tree- This neat tree is shorter than the others mentioned. This one comes in around 60-120 inches. It has magical star shaped leaves that illustrate a variety of colors in the fall. If you like red, orange, purple, and red than you will probably like the looks of this one. 
  4. Sweet Birch Tree- This tree is brightly colored in the fall. It is a light green almost yellow looking tree in the fall. It has very dark bark and a scent that resembles christmas time pine trees. It is a big hit among property owners. 
  5. Witch Hazel Tree- This beauty almost can be called a shrub. Averages about 15 feet high and also grows about 15 feet wide. It doesn’t require much work except when planted too close to a structure may need trim due to its width. 
  6. Good old fashioned Oak Tree- The Oak tree grows all over the country. It is big, tall and offers a lot of shade. It is a tree that has strong wood. They can also live to be very old.
  7.  Chinese Pistache- This tree sticks out like a sore thumb in the winter, and that is not a bad thing. It is fiery red. It is one of those trees that when driving you see one and comment how beautiful the trees are because of the fall season. 
  8. Sweetbay- This flowery beauty is known for the pretty white flowers and sweet fragrance. It has a look to it that can capture attention. 
  9. White dogwood- The white dogwood tree pops with white. It is the kind of white that grabs the imagination in a waterfall of creamery. The white without a stain of darkness. 
  10. Redbud tree- This tree is a great landscaping tree. It is another smaller tree on the list and only gets to an average of 25 feet. It can grow in the sunshine and also in the darker more shady areas. It is a resilient tree and has pretty red buds all over it hence the name. 

All these top 10 trees are good choices for Georgia. We at Certified Arborist Alpharetta love sharing our tree knowledge and appreciate any call for tree service in and around the city of Alpharetta in Georgia.

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