Tree Trimming in Alpharetta is one of our main services that we offer. We understand our customers want a reputable tree service that does excellent tree trimming work and that is exactly what we strive to be. We provide tree trimming not only to Alpharetta, but also areas nearby like Milton, Johns Creek, Cummins, Sandy Springs, North Atlanta, Woodstock, and Roswell. If you live in any of these areas and are looking for our tree service please call us at 706-928-6471. We would be happy to give you a free estimate.

A big question we get is how much tree trimming cost. This is a legit question, and the reason most companies do not list how much it cost is that every job is different. Some jobs are as low as $100 while other jobs go into the tens of thousands of dollars. We use a common sense approach to estimating jobs and the main part of that estimate is that we must physically be there to see it. We want to know the location, the landscape, the tree size, the amount of trees, the type of tree, the surroundings because these can and do all factor into the job. There have been a couple jobs throughout the years that we could not do simply because they were on a little mountain and had no way to get to them. We are tree climbers but this climb was mountain terrain and we couldn’t hack it.

The picture above the tree trimmer was in a bucket truck. A bucket truck is crucial to the trimming process. We can, as we mentioned before climb trees, but it is also much faster and more operational to use a bucket truck as long as the terrain is correct. Our bucket truck operator is usually the most experienced crew member. He needs to have experience in the equipment and understand the best way to operate it. If a bucket truck is parked wrong or has the wrong angle it can tip or fall causing a great deal of injury or death to the both crew members and sometimes one on the ground. We use bucket trucks, pole chain saws, protective gear, ropes, cranes and other tools to safely and efficiently trim down the trees.