We Are A Comprehensive Certified Arborist And Tree Service Specialist in Alpharetta and Surrounding cities. 706-928-6471

We are a fully insured, certified arborist, and full tree service company in Alpharetta and surrounding cities. We love to help in forestry and do consulting work, just as much as, offer tree service such as removal, trimming, limb removal, evaluations, storm cleanup, and brush removal.


“We called for a simple quote on a Tree Removal. Josh gave us a fast quote, and we gave him the job. It was quick easy and they did a great job.”

“Unlike other tree service companies Josh and his team are certified in arbory. That is one thing that sets them apart. That and his great prices and friendly attitude.”

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working on a tree

We do our absolute best to provide five star tree service. We want our customers to be pleased with the work so they are repeat customers next time around. Having a good attitude is just as important as doing exceptional work in the tree service industry.  We appreciate all of our customers and strive for 5 stars. 

Five Star Tree Service

Tree Service Alpharetta

 Our tree trimming services hass a lot to offer from positive employees to just good service overall. We try our best to always be on time, and honest about how long it will take for us to finish the job. The employees that we have are some of the most positive people you will meet. We can ensure the best service possible. 

Here are some things you can count on from Certified Arborist Alpharetta

  • Competitive prices- We can always guarantee good prices for the value of the service. We cannot always put out the cheapest price, but for what you’re paying and the quality service that you get is incredible. 
  • Free Quotes – Our mission is to satisfy you so we want you to know what you’re paying for and what you’re getting before you pay anything.
  • Top end service – We have some of the best services you will come across. We will make sure to deliver the best service that you will have ever had. 
  • Experience – We can guarantee a good experience that will leave you satisfied. We will deliver the best experience you will have with any other business.
  • Excellent equipment – Our equipment is some of the best equipment out there, we make sure that our equipment is good because, if our equipment isn’t good than it could possibly take longer to get the job done and leave you unsatisfied, we got the best equipment so we can get the job done asap while also giving the best service to get what you want done, done.
  • Honesty – We will be honest no matter if we think it will disappoint you or not, yes we do try to keep you more satisfied than you have ever been, but if it requires lying to then we just cannot and will not tolerate any lying.

Here are some of the equipment that we use depending on the job.

  • Friction breaks – This helps us lower tree limbs that need to go down slowly and not damage anything below. 
  • Rope – this helps get the tree to fall in the direction we want it to. 



We want to make sure our equipment is top notch to ensure the best service possible. We have all of the needed tools to get the job done as fast as possible and still leave you feeling good with the service that we have provided you with. We use tools from chain saws to just some rope.  We have no problem with working as hard as we possibly can over the littlest things from cutting down bad trees, to just cutting a single limb off of a tree. 

Overall our service is the best you can get so don’t hesitate to call us if you have a tree that needs to be trimmed at all, whether it’s just a dangerous limb that could possibly damage something to an entire tree that needs to be cut down. We don’t want to leave you feeling like you will never call us ever again. 

So pick up the phone and call us here at Certified Arborist Alpharetta for our tree service and see for yourself. Thanks.