Best Reasons To Call A Tree Service Professional

Trees are a great gift of nature to mankind. Planting trees in your yard is always a good idea. It not only adds up to the value of your property but also has numerous other benefits. These benefits include providing shade during hot sunny days and keep your home cool. It also adds up to the beauty of your place. 

Most of the time it’s an easy job to maintain and grow your trees. However, sometimes it is essential to seek the services of a professional tree expert. Following are the occasions when it’s a must that you call a professional tree expert.

Let’s Plant A New Tree

In case you have decided to plant a new tree, you should look for some help from a professional tree expert. To start up with, they can best advise you regarding the species that is best suited to your local environment. Secondly, young trees are greatly threatened by minor environmental factors. Based on the type of species you have planted they can provide you certain guidelines that you need to follow during this critical phase.

Protection From The Environment

Certain environmental factors can adversely affect the growth of your tree. These include insect infestations, sun bleaching, fungal diseases, and wild birds eating your tree’s flowers, leaves, and fruit. You should be prepared for such events and seek the advice of an arborist whenever it is suitable.

Emergency Situations

If only recently you have found that your tree has been planted based on poor planning. In a way that it has the potential to affect the infrastructure, pipelines, and transmission lines. In such a situation you must seek professional help asap. There are other situations, such as a heavy windstorm that has damaged one of the limbs of your tree. You should ask your arborist to visit you and safely remove the damaged part.

Trimming A Large Tree

Most of the shrubs and small trees can be easily trimmed by the homeowners. However, pruning a large tree can be a little challenging. If your tree is large enough that it requires a ladder to get the trimming job done; don’t risk it and call in a professional. Pruning large trees can be tricky. It may involve the use of a chainsaw, personal protective equipment, and ropes to guide the heavy branches away safely. Apart from the risk it poses you, your tree’s health is also at risk. In some cases, over-pruning or under pruning a tree can be injurious to the tree’s health. In such a situation why not give the professional a call?

Removing A Tree

Removing an old tree is another challenging job. If a tree dies, a professional can safely remove it for you. In case you are in doubt, whether the tree should be removed or not. An arborist can best determine the status of the tree. They can best advise you whether your beloved tree could be saved or removing it is the only solution.

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