5 High Maintenance Trees That Grow In Georgia

Life without trees is not imaginable. It is a fact universally accepted that trees offer countless benefits to humans and the environment. These benefits come against a cost. Trees have their own set of requirements and they need proper care and maintenance. 

The degree of care and maintenance, however, differs from species to species. A few trees are very generous, and they can thrive with almost little to nil human effort. On the other hand, a few species have a high standard of requirements.

Following are the trees that grow in Georgia but require high maintenance.

Peach Tree

Peach trees are not native to Georgia. They originally belong to China. But still, the Georgian environment suits them very well. In the eighteenth century, peaches were planted for the first time here.

Though the result is great, a lot of effort must be put in to achieve this greatness. Peach trees require extensive pruning. A great amount of water must be sprinkled to achieve optimum growth. Peach trees are also prone to pest infestation and require periodic spraying of pesticides.

Silver Maple Tree

Silver maple is a fast-growing tree. It can grow up to 50- 80 feet. It has leaves that are green on the top and silvery-white on the underside. It offers a lot of shade and adds beauty to the landscape. They are suitable to be planted in a wide variety of soils. 

Due to their fast growth, they have brittle wood that can break easily. Since they have a very vigorous root system, they can disrupt the nearby water pipes, walkways, etc. It is therefore advised to plant silver maple trees at a minimum distance of 10 feet from such features. 

Willow Tree

It is a beautiful looking tree. Having sweeping branches and narrow pale green leaves. It has a very fast growth rate and offers a lot of shade. Willow tree needs a great amount of water to thrive which makes them a high maintenance tree. Their roots can even evade the nearby sewer lines and drain fields. However, if proper maintenance is done willow trees can keep you providing the shade for as long as 30 years.

Sweet Gum Tree

The sweet gum tree is one of the most beautiful looking trees during the autumn season. They are also one of the most common trees in Georgia. They can be found growing in parks, streets, and yards.

This tree produces a fruit which is called the sweet gumballs. Since these trees produce a large amount of this fruit, it can be a source of displeasure for the homeowners. Gumballs keep falling and must be raked up. They are uncomfortable to be walked upon. When they are wet, they are very slippery and can be hazardous. 


Eucalyptus is a fast-growing plant. They can grow up to 10 feet in a year. Due to their fast-growing rate, they require a high degree of pruning. If not taken proper care of, the resin-filled branches can break without giving any warning.

One thing to point out here is that Georgia is a large state. It spans hundreds of miles north and south. The trees are diverse for this reason. What grows on the north side of the state will not necessarily grow on the south side or vice versa.

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