What Tree Service Companies Do With Trees They Cut Down?

Sometimes removing a tree is the only thing you can do once the damage has gone too far. Trees are extremely important to our ecosystem so it’s sad to see one go. Often, many people hire an arborist to cut down their tree as it can be strenuous and they take the cut-down tree with them. This makes the job easier and leaves less mess.

An unanswered question is what happens to the trees once they are cut down? Where do the arborists take them? This curiosity is left lingering in the air as some want to make sure their beloved trees are put to good use. The truth is, there’s no one answer for this question. Below are some things that could happen to your tree once it’s been cut down. 

Used for Firewood

This is an obvious use with leftover wood, as you can never have enough firewood. It provides a good purpose in keeping people warm and many campers need it when they venture outside. Once the company has taken your tree away, they’ll split the wood, season it, and then deliver it to customers. Some other companies may stockpile it so they have enough, and then go out and sell it to the public. Either way, you can rest easy knowing your tree will be providing a useful service to many others. 

Taken to a Green Landfill

As upsetting as it may sound, some trees do end up in a dump. This can depend on the company you use and where you live, but sometimes it’s easier to take it there rather than finding a recycling facility. This is more likely going to happen if you live in an urban area. 

Turned into Mulch

This use is quite pleasant, as your cut down tree can help others grow to their full potential. If the arborist you use has a chipper machine, they’ll use this for branches up to 12 inches in diameter. For larger pieces of wood, such as the trunk, they’re taken to a local processing facility. Once they’ve gone through this process, they’re ground into mulch and then resold. 

Converted into Energy

Another useful way for your cut down tree to help others is by converting it into energy. The company will stockpile the cut-down trees they have and then take them to a biofuel plant. The process will then be in their hands where the wood is converted into energy. 

Used for Wood Turning and Carving 

This use is a little odd, but great for people with this hobby. Undesirable wood is commonly sold to people who use it to make something beautiful out of it. Bowls are commonly made, which will ensure your trees legacy lives on for a long time.  As you can see, there are many great ways to put your tree to use once it’s been cut down. If you have a certain preference of how it ends up, you can always talk to different tree companies and arborists to see what they commonly do. You’ll be at peace knowing your tree is being put to good use.

At Certified Arborist Alpharetta we have used all of these options in the past. We always check with the customer to find out if they would like to keep the tree before disposing of it properly.

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