5 Fast Growing Trees For Privacy In Alpharetta

If you are like most people you want privacy at your home. A tree is a great way to obtain privacy while also adding value to your home. It will also have some ancillary benefits and cancel out some of the noise if you live by a noisy street or noisy neighbors. Here is a list of 5 fast growing privacy trees.

  1. Georgia Evergreen Trees- These trees grow around 4ft a year and need little maintenance. They can be trimmed from time to time depending on how uniform you would like, but there are many people that simply plant them and let nature do the rest. They can be planted in a line and almost completely block out any would be watchers. They grow low to the ground so you will start seeing the benefits almost immediately. As you can see by the picture they do a fantastic job at giving you that extra privacy. 
  1. Oak Leaf Holly- This is used often with the residents of Georgia. It is a solution that looks good, grows fast, and has pretty red berries in the fall. Once mature they will be around 15-20 feet tall. They are also resilient. They can be cut all the way down to the ground sometimes and they grow right back. We wouldn’t recommend trying this because in some cases they die. They don’t require a lot of upkeep. 
  1. Emerald Green Arborvitae- Another easy to grow option. They don’t have leaves to lose in the winter so don’t worry about the rake. They grow to around 8-12 feet high which is sufficient for most privacy lines. They are disease resistant plants. They also grow 3 to 4 feet in width which is great for a privacy plant. 

4. Nellie Stevens Holly- This bad boy grows up to 20-30 feet in height and 10-12 feet in width. That is a perfect 10 when it comes to a privacy height and width. It will spring up about 3-5 feet per year which is also exceptional. You really can’t do much better than this Holly Tree. It is the golden standard when it comes to privacy. Oh, did we mention it loves it when you neglect it? You just plant and you are done. You may need to trim it because it grows so fast but that is about it.

  1. Leyland Cypress- These are some decently fast growing trees as well and grow at an average rate of 3-4 feet per year. Once you get past the first year of growth and they are established you won’t have to water them alot. They are drought tolerant. Their needles are soft in case you have to brush past them. They grow a whopping 45-55 feet with a base of 10-12 feet. These are another golden privacy tree that can’t be beat. 

All of the trees above will do wonders for your privacy and they will improve the aesthetics of your property. They also, in many cases, improve the value of a home as well. Thank you for reading another article from Certified Arborist Alpharetta!

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