5 Trees That Are Low Maintenance In Georgia, USA

Trees have a great significance in keeping our beloved earth as it is. Apart from environmental benefits trees also have various other benefits. These benefits include beautifying the environment, providing shades, masking things, and many more.

In case you own a home and want to plant some elegant trees in your yard. You would want to plant trees that require very low maintenance. In this article, I will list down 5 trees that are low maintenance and ideal for Georgia‚Äôs environment. 

Maple Tree

Maple trees can commonly attain a height of 60-75 feet. Maple trees fill your surroundings with beautiful colors. These colors are red and pink. It will give you the positive charge that you may need during your everyday routine. The maple tree is one of the best options to be planted in your yard. As they are perfectly suitable for the Georgian environment. It requires very low maintenance. Since the tree can spread as much as 50 feet, it will also protect you and your house from the sun. 

Leyland Cypress

It is a fast-growing and low maintenance tree. It uplifts the landscape in its own unique way and takes it to the next level. This tree has a pyramid-like shape. It can attain a height of up to 60 feet while its maximum spread is around 25 feet. The spread is generally around 20 feet. It is a fast-growing tree and can grow up to two feet in a year. Since Leyland cypress possesses a shallow root system, they may topple in case of a windstorm.


This tree is known for almost zero maintenance. It is an elegant looking pyramid-shaped and tall tree. It is a go-to tree for most homeowners. These trees are very low demanding. They hardly need any trimming to maintain their natural shape. These trees are available in several sizes and now even can be acquired in different color variations. The right sized arborvitae can help you set up a very effective privacy screen. 

White Dogwood

This tree perfectly fits any yard. It enhances the beauty of its surroundings many folds. Its flowers are white during the spring and turn red-purple during the fall season. Growing a white dogwood is not difficult at all. You just need to ensure that you are purchasing healthy trees and that they are planted correctly. It is one of the most beautiful trees that you can grow in Georgia. 

Crape Myrtle

This tree comes in various sizes and can fit any spot in the landscape. It is a rugged species and requires very little care. Once fully matured they can even survive a drought period. It has a long life. During the summers, the flowers keep blooming and enrich the aura of a space. It spectacularly embraces the confined spaces. Owing to their smartness, they are best suited to be planted close to sidewalks and parking lots.

We can help you to remove trees that are high maintenance and replace them with low maintenance if you would like. Thank you for reading Certified Arborist Alpharetta!

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