The Proper Way To Cut A Tree Limb Off

Do you have a tree that you are thinking about trimming up? This article will guide you to the correct way to cut a tree branch. If you cut it correctly the tree recovers much faster, but if you cut it the wrong way it may cause harm or put your tree at risk. 

First thing you need to observe is safety. It is important to take all the precautions when cutting a tree branch. You should use protective equipment for your eyes like safety glasses. It would also be a good idea to wear some work gloves. You can get some Grease Monkey gloves at most stores for a decent price. Also a decent hand saw would also be a good idea. Silky saws are some of the best in the industry and can be found online and at your local hardware store. 

Let’s get into the cutting. First cut you are going to make is a cut from the bottom side up. You will make the cut about a foot or foot and a half out from where the branch joins the base. I have included a picture for reference. 

The next cut you will go out about a foot from the first cut that you made underneath. The reason you make this first cut is that when cutting the second cut from the top down you are going to go all the way through. What happens is when you are almost through the limb will break down and instead of being able to cut the last bit the tree will tear. The bark will rip all the way down the limb and into the base leaving a large open wound on the tree. The first cut will stop any tearing at that point. 

Once you have completely cut through the whole limb on the second cut you will move on to the 3rd and final cut. This will be right at the base of the tree where the limb starts. You will make a clean cut straight through. When you’re done you will only have a wound right where the limb used to be. This cut will get rid of the remaining part of the limb. 

Next, once you have removed the limb or branch you do not need to dress the wound. The best way that the tree can deal with this wound is to let it heal all on its own. Do not put anything on it and just let it do some healing. Do not seal it in. Here is a picture of the finished job. 

If you decide to use this tutorial on how to cut a tree properly this has been brought to you by Certified Arborist Alpharetta. We are a tree service company in Alpharetta. We can help you if you decide you don’t want to do this job on your own we can help you complete it. Give us a call at 706-928-6471. We have a staff of people ready to help and as always offer free quotes.

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