5 Impressive Trees Growing In Georgia

Georgia has a diverse and complex ecology. The north of Georgia has high mountain ridges, and the south has Flatwoods and swamps. Due to this diversity in the geographic regions, there is a wide variety of plants that are found here. Some of these are unique and exist in limited conditions. While others exist in a variety of conditions.

The state has more than 100 distinct plant communities. If we plant trees in the conditions that are well suited to them, the chances of success will be more. Out of this wide variety of plants, lets us consider the 5 most impressive trees that grow in Georgia.

Red Maple Tree

This tree is native to the Georgian conditions, like other eastern regions of the United States. It is an excellent source of shade. Red maple tree enhances the beauty of landscape many folds. 

Red maple tree offers a variety of colors throughout the year. Its leaves do not turn red until fall. During the summer and spring seasons, the leaves are dark purplish green and burgundy red in color, respectively. 

Sugar Maple Tree

This tree grows well in the moist, well-drained soils of north Georgia. It does not tolerate hot and dry sites. The tree has an oval, upright shape and grows at a medium to slow growth rate. 

There is no other tree that matches the wonderful color spectrum of sugar maple tree during the autumn. This tree shows a beautiful display of yellow, orange, and red coloration during the fall. 

Eastern Red Cedar

Its suitable habitat is dry, upland, rocky soils, particularly calcareous soils. It is sometimes often found growing on moist flood plains and edges of swamps. It is native to East and Central North America (East of the Rocky Mountains).

It is an evergreen tree and has a conical shape. It grows at a medium growth rate. It is ideal to be used as an ornamental tree in residential and commercial landscapes.

Black Gum or Tupelo

It is mostly suitable for moist and fertile soils. However, it can adapt to a wide range of conditions. It has a medium texture and grows at a medium rate. It is difficult to remove it from one place and plant it in another. It has a narrow pyramidal shape and has strong branching.

It is a beautiful looking tree and is used as a specimen tree. The tree grows up to 80 feet tall and 50 feet wide. Because of its adaptability to different conditions, it is becoming more and more popular in the nursery trade.  

Georgia Oak

As it is evident from its name, this tree is native to Georgia. It has a slow growth rate and a compacted canopy. It can grow up to 40 feet tall and 50 feet wide. 

It presents an eye-pleasing view during the autumn when its leaves turn bright red. Georgia oak tree is often used as an ornamental and street tree. 

If you learn to identify the trees you will see these trees all growing throughout Georgia.

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