Why You Should Not Plant A Tree To Close To Your Home

Trees are well known for enriching our environment with oxygen. Trees like all other plants also remove carbon dioxide from our environment. If we discuss architecture, a well-known benefit of having trees in the environment is they stabilize the soil. But it’s never a good idea to plant a tree too close to your home. Here are the reasons why.

This Tree Might Be Too Close!

Damage to The Foundation and Pipelines

As the trees grow bigger with time, their roots spread in all directions. These roots have a great potential of damaging the foundation of your structure. This damage could be very fatal. However, the extent is totally dependent on the type of tree. Some tree’s roots can grow twice their height. In case the roots are underground the damage would be caused before you even know about it. Some tree species even can develop roots that can come above the ground’s surface. In that case, the roots will tear the ground or even if you have concrete laid over it. 

These roots of course also have the potential to disrupt water and sewerage pipelines. The connecting pipes being weaker and smaller have a greater threat of being affected. It would result in an unpleasant experience for the residents.

Damage to Roof and Windows

Windstorms and rainstorms can cause the branches to break or even the tree to topple in extreme cases. If you have planted a tree close to your house it could cause damage to the roofs and windows of your house. Any other property that you may have in your yard can also go to trash (if the branch falls on that). 

Damage to The Wires

If you do not have an underground wiring system, there are fair chances that it will be disrupted by the branches of the tree. In case of a storm not only it can cut your services supply, but it can also be life-threatening in case it brings down electricity wires. 

In a less dangerous case, the branches may grow high and wide enough to get stuck in the wires. In either of the cases, it would be greatly inconvenient for the residents. 

Settlement of Soil 

Water as to other living beings is a source of life for plants as well. Since the roots absorb water from the soil, the soil is subjected to continuous contraction and expansion. Due to this, the pressure will eventually develop on the foundation of the structure (that is in the proximity of the tree). This would end up forming cracks in the foundation or even the structure to shift from its foundation. 

Accumulation of Twigs and Leaves

During rain and wind, all types of trees shed leaves and twigs. If the tree is planted too close to the structure these leaves and twigs will not only pile up in your yard but also on the roof of your house. These leaves and twigs will choke your gutters, resulting in roof damage and seepage in the structure.

Plant the Trees at A Safe Distance

In addition to the above-stated facts, trees also attract pests. To save yourself from great inconvenience it would be best if you simply plant trees at a safe distance from your home.

Has someone planted a tree too close to your home? We can help. Please call us for a quote on our tree removal services. We appreciate you!

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