Equipment Needed To Remove A Tree

Tree service pros will be different than the average do-it-yourselfer

This process varies from person to person. It is even discussed differently from tree service company to tree service company, but one thing remains. The equipment to get the tree removed generally stays the same. You must have certain tools to do the job correctly. Some of those tools can be quite pricey. That is why for the average homeowner they have a professional do the job rather than going out to buy the Equipment. Below we list and explain the tools in detail for a successful tree removal. 

Equipment Needed To Remove A Tree

Every piece of equipment on this list may not be used as this is a general list of the most common tools. 

  • Pole Saw – This simple piece is a small chainsaw on the end of a pole. These come in very handy by the average property owner and arborist alike. It allows the user to massively increase their reach. These increase your reach by many inches. The average reach is about 10-20 inches. One thing to be cautious about when using this tool is that when you are cutting high above your head be careful where the limbs fall. 
  • Ropes- These are invaluable to everyone I have ever met that does tree work. It can grip, guide and even keep the climber safe. It is multi-functional. It can be tied on to branches or logs that need to be let down easy. When you couple the rope with a pulley system it makes for even a better set of tools. 
  • Chainsaw- Just imagine the days when there was no gas or electric powered chain saw at your disposal. Imagine using a 2 person saw to have to bring down trees and turn them into building material. That would be a ton of extra work. So, a chainsaw isn’t required but it will absolutely lighten the load. 
  • Some of the things that you may need to dispose of the brush once you have it on the ground is pruners, hand loppers, hedge trimmers, axe, hatchet, or you could let the pro’s feed the brush into the chipper and get it turned to mulch in a matter of minutes. A chipper truck is another tool that isn’t required but it sure does make things easy. 

There you have it. Your average joe would have to go out and buy quite a few tools. One or two trees the cost would be significantly higher to go buy the tools and do it yourself than to simply call a professional tree service like us to do the job. We would be happy as always to give you a free quote for trimming or removing your trees. We would also be willing to show off our nice equipment to you so you can go buy what we have to do the tree removal that you are wanting to do. Thank you for reading another article by Certified Arborist Alpharette. We appreciate every one of you.

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