If you are needing a tree removal in Alpharetta, GA or surrounding areas we can help you with that. We provide tree removal among other services. We can remove all types of trees. It really doesn’t matter if it is big or small, in an open space, or tight quarters, we should be able to get our crew in to do the work necessary.

Over the years our crew has done almost all types of tree work. Here is the process. You call us at 706-928-6471 and we will set up a time for a free, no obligation quote. We come out, assess the situation, and leave you with an estimate. We are not high pressure sales reps, and that means we don’t try to pressure you into doing anything. You must decide for yourself if you would like us to do the job. If you do you give us the go-ahead. We bring whatever equipment out that is needed and begin work. Our process of taking a tree down usually stays pretty consistent.

We usually start cutting all what we call fluff around the edges. Similar to what we would do on a normal tree trimming job. We must take all the weight off the top and get all the limbs taken down. Once we have the limbs cut off all the way down to the main tree as you see above that is when we start to remove the trunk. We slice it off in manageable chunks. Many people like to use those small logs as seats for around a fire, or they like to put them in the fire. Whatever the case we can haul it off or leave it for you to use.

The main goal of a tree removal job is to get the tree down safely without damaging any property or people. We do this by practicing safe procedures all the time. We also approach every job with a positive attitude and have a plan. This helps to ensure that our plan goes accordingly for each tree.

Some trees can be in tight spots. Last week we had a tree that was in between a fence and a large house. We couldn’t fit a crane in between so we came up with the plan to keep the cuts very small. It took a little longer to get the whole tree down but worked like a charm. See, when you have been in the tree service business for as many years as we have you kind of know how to approach each task, and that helps the day run smooth.

Sometimes we get to a jobsite and find a tree like the one you see above. This picture is not our job but we have done many jobs similar to it. We have people that want a tree removed, but it has already taken the fall. This brings us to our next goal.

We would love to be able to take a tree down before it falls. Sometimes this -s possible and sometimes it is not. If you come across one of your trees that has rot on it, or it may looked diseased than we can gladly help to assess. It is much easier and less destructive to take a tree down before it falls. Once a tree falls it obviously can damage lines, houses, vehicles, persons, garages, or other valuable property. That is what we try to avoid. However, if the tree does fall from wind, snow, ice or some other type of weather then we also do that type of removal and clean-up work. Here is our number again just in case you need it. 706-928-6471